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Investing in Your Children

One of my great rewards in teaching young people is to develop relationships over the years with incredible families. I've learned so much about how to parent my own daughters from what I observe these successful families do. I'd like to share a viewpoint these families have in common that I believe can change the way you see your child's activities.

View your children as your greatest investment.

Recently, I had a conversation with a mother who was sending two of her daughters to a dance convention to further their training and give them additional opportunities to learn from working professionals in the dance industry. As she was writing her check, she said something that stuck with me. Instead of wincing at the cost, she said cheerfully "I am so happy to invest in my girls and something they love and are passionate about." Wow! Perspective changes everything.

Photo: Miss Lanie, 1992

Our children are our greatest investment. I am so blessed that my parents invested in me and my dreams. Dance class was my happy place. The place where I was challenged. The place where I learned how to discipline my body and keep it healthy and active. The place I learned how to work as a team. The place I connected with influential teachers. The place I felt safe and free to be me. The place I had tons of fun! The place I met incredible friends. The list goes on and on, but I am still benefitting from the dividends of that investment almost 30 years later.

How do you invest in your children? Share with us in the comments.

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