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Our Best Drive In Tips - Recital 2020

2020 Recital is one for the history books! Our production will premiere July 16th at the Stars and Stripes Drive In in New Braunfels and we can't wait! We've compiled a list of our best tips and tricks for a fantastic drive in recital experience.

Tip 1: Plan Your Seating

If you plan to sit outside your vehicle, be sure to bring some comfy outdoor chairs. If you plan to tailgate, be sure to pack plenty of pillows and blankets to make your experience cozy and magical.

Tip 2: Bring Snacks!

Don't forget to bring a drink for everyone + snacks to enjoy. If you happen to forget, or would rather purchase on site, Stars and Stripes has a cafe!

Tip 3: Arrive Early

The movie will begin at sundown, so approximately 8:45 p.m.. You can begin arriving at 8:00 p.m., and we'd encourage you to come early to give yourself plenty of time to get set up to enjoy the show.

Tip 4: Bring a Radio

Super pro tip!

Bring a battery powered FM radio along to listen to the show without draining your car battery.

Also, if your car happens to die, Stars and Stripes has special jumper boxes to get you going again.

Tip 5: Bring a Trash Bag & Wipes

Set up a plastic bag so you have an easy place to put your trash from the show. Then at the end of the night you can toss the bag into the trash receptacles and cruise away with a clean car.

Also, bring some hand wipes so you can wipe any sticky fingers or popcorn hands.

We are so excited to see our dancers under the stars as they make their silver screen debut!

Still need tickets? Purchase here.

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