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Building Entrance and Exit Process

o Dancers will be using a class door drop off and pick up process.  Lobby waiting area is for students only, as we do not have the space permitted to hold all family members of all children dancing at the same time. Parents should drop off their child at the front of their designated studio no more than 5 MINUTES BEFORE the start of their class.  

o  Dancers will take their dance bag, shoes and water bottle into class.  No additional items, please.

o  Upon entering each class, there will be hand sanitizer if your dancer chooses to use some.

o After class, dancers will line up single file and our instructors will dismiss them as they see their pickup person.

o  PARENTS with children 6 AND UNDER should walk with their child up to the class doors. It is also suggested that these parents consider waiting in their cars in our parking lot during class (especially during the first couple of weeks) to ensure their child is comfortable in their new surroundings.  You are welcome to come in and meet the teacher, we just ask that you do not stay in the classroom during class. We do have designated dates every 6 weeks that you get to come into class to see what your dancer has been learning.

o  ALL PARENTS be aware that our waiting area is for students only.  Parents should wait in their vehicles, take a walk, run an errand or shop our dancewear store.  The exception to this is our Tot Dance parents.  Parents will be able to view classes in person during our Parent Observation days during the regular season.  Schedule is posted on our front door, in your parent portal and emailed out.  

Classroom and Building Policies

- Bring only the items needed for class. No extra toys/food/items from home.
- MLSD dress code must be followed as well as hair secured and proper footwear. Dancers out
of dress code will be sent an email. In the event of habitual dress code issues, dancers may be asked to sit out.
- Bring your own water bottle
– When students arrive they will sit in the student waiting lobby until their classroom is open. At that time they will enter their classroom. 

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your class.
- No gum or food is allowed in the classrooms.
- Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the classrooms.
- Instructors must be present in order for a dancer to be in a classroom.
- Students must respect teachers, staff and classmates or will be asked to observe class, instead of participate.

-In the rare case of a parent or student showing disrespect or defamation to any parent, staff member or student, a meeting will be called immediately and dismissal may be considered at the discretion of the studio director. Physical, mental, emotional or cyber bullying by parents,

staff or students will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the studio.

- Our waiting area is for students only.
-Mary Lou’s School of Dance takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property.

-Mary Lou’s School of Dance management reserves the right to change teachers or timetabling when necessary at any time throughout the year.

Health for Employees & Customers

A professional cleaning company provides deep cleaning of the facility multiple times per week to add to our already scheduled daily cleaning routines by MLSD employees.

MLSD has multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout our facility.


Each studio is equipped with an AirDoctor UltraHEPATM filtration system.

MLSD instructors will be washing hands and following sanitation practices between classes.

MLSD employees will be healthy before reporting to work.

Masks are optional for students and staff.


- Your child has a temperature, or has had a temperature within the last 48 hours

- Your child is exhibiting symptoms of being sick such as constant coughing, sneezing,vomiting etc within the past 48 hours

- Anyone in your home has experienced a temperature or other “flu like” symptoms within the past 48 hours

- You have been exposed to COVID19 and are under quarantine


            Reminder- if your child is ill or needing to remain home due to quarantine or family illness you can always makeup your class. 


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