Blue and White Step by Step Process Char


Building Entrance and Exit Process (until further notice)

o Dancers will be using a FRONT DOOR DROP OFF & BACK DOOR PICK UP process, until further notice.  Parents should drop off their child at the FRONT of their designated studio no more than 5 MINUTES BEFORE the start of their class and be parked outside the REAR EXIT and waiting in their vehicles with their students name on their dashboard (will be given to you on the first day back, but if you forget can be as easy as a piece of notebook paper) no more than 5 MINUTES BEFORE the end of their child’s class.  (This will help us prevent crowds and “bottle necking” during class changes.)

o  Dancers will enter the building through the FRONT DOOR in a single file fashion, while observing social distancing marks on the sidewalk.  Parents may walk with young students until they enter.  Dancers will take their dance shoes and water bottle into class.  No additional items, please.

o  Upon entering each class there will be touchless hand sanitizer station where each child will be asked to "take a squirt" of sanitizer for their hands and then be directed to a colored "spot" on the floor, inside of a 6'x6' taped square.  There will also be a corresponding color spots  on the edges of the room where they can sit their water bottle, dance shoes for their next class, inhaler or other class necessities.

o After class, dancers will wait on their designated spot until their ride arrives to pick them up.  Instructors will call their name and they will be dismissed out the BACK DOOR and given hand sanitizer.  

o  PARENTS with children 6 AND UNDER should walk with their child up to the front doors. It is also suggested that these parents considering waiting in their cars in our parking lot during class (especially during the first couple of weeks) to ensure their child is comfortable in their new surroundings.  

o  ALL PARENTS be aware that our lobbies are closed until further notice and there is no congregating permitted inside.  

Building and Class Policies (until further notice)

 - Bring only the items you need to class.  No extra toys/food/items from home.

 - Arrive in dance clothes, to help prevent having to change onsite.  

- Bring your own water bottle – no sharing of water bottles and all drinks must be taken out of the classroom at the end of each class.  Any There will be spots marked on the floor for each student to sit their water bottle on

- If you are participating in back to back classes (ie acro class then tap class) be sure to BRING YOUR SHOES for all your classes into your first class with you.  There will be spots marked on the floor for each student to sit their water bottle and shoes when you enter the room  

- Dancers will be asked to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building.  Touchless hand washing and sanitizing stations will be located throughout the facility


-MLSD will be dancers only until further notice.  Our lobby will be closed.


-All entering MLSD ages 10 and above will be required to wear a facemask.  Once dancers arrive on their social distance spot inside their respective studios they may remove their mask as they dance.  Once class is concluded, dancers and staff will again put on masks to exit the facility.

 - Your child has a temperature, or has had a temperature within the last 48 hours
 - Your child is exhibiting symptoms of being sick such as constant coughing, sneezing etc within the past 48 hours
 - Anyone in your home has experienced a temperature or other “flu like” symptoms within the past 48 hours



Upgraded Cleaning Protection for Employees & Customers

A professional cleaning company has been hired to provide a nightly deep cleaning of the facility to add to our already scheduled daily cleaning routines by MLSD employees

MLSD has added TOUCHLESS hand sanitizer and hand soap pumps throughout our facility.

MLSD will be limiting the number of dancers inside our facility and closing our lobby.

Our dance floors are marked with tape to ensure 6’x6’ space per student is allotted.

MLSD will be scheduling a short break between classes to allow for students to enter and exit with less crowding potential AND to allow instructors added time for washing and sanitation practices between classes.

MLSD will be keeping studio doors open to prevent touching handles.

MLSD employees will be screened and healthy before reporting to work.

MLSD employees will increase hygiene practices—wash hands more frequently, avoid touching face, practice good respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing.