Class Descriptions

Learn more about each style of dance we teach at Mary Lou's School of Dance and what to expect in each class.

Class Descriptions for Ages 2-6 

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A combination of Tap, Ballet and Acrobatics, this class is perfect for young dancers to experience multiple forms of dance, build coordination and gain knowledge of basic dance terminology. 

Ages 3&4 and Ages 5&6


Hippity Hop

Hippity Hop is a hip hop class designed for 4-6 year olds! This high energy 45 minute class is tons of fun and teaches hip hop basics.  Come and join the party circle!


Broadway Babies

Broadway Babies is a BRAND NEW musical theatre program for ages 5-6.  Sing, dance and act in this class that will have your dancer prepping for the broadway stage!  

Intro to Acro

Acro is an acrobatics class with a foundation in dance.  Intro to Acro presents basic strength and flexibility skills for students new to acrobatics.  Each class is 45 minutes long.


Tot Dance with Me

Tot Dance is our 2 year old program. This 30 minute class is a perfect introduction to dance. Dancers will need an adult dance partner during this class.  The use of fun props and different class "themes" help us teach ballet basics in a fun and exciting way.


Intro to Jazz/Lyrical

Learn the basics of Jazz and Lyrical styles Class will learn basic turns and floor work associated with each style in this 45 minute class for beginners ages 5-7.  

Class Descriptions for Ages 7 and Older

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A classical ballet class teaching the art of ballet.  Class will include barre work, learning ballet terminology, and proper body placement.  

Levels Offered:

Beginner Ballet 

Ballet I for Teens

Ballet Levels I - V


Dance Team

Dance Team  focuses on technique and skills needed to be successful on a high school dance team. If you're already on a team, or planning to audition in the future, this class is a must.


Hip Hop

 Students will learn this exciting, high energy style and explore isolations, rhythm, and choreography.  

Levels Offered:

Hip Hop I - IV

*Also offered:  Hippity Hop

Tap Shoes


A truly American dance, tap is movement and rhythm combined with percussive patterns.  

Levels Offered:

Tap I - III

*All combo classes teach tap

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Jazz is a high energy form of dance that ranges in style from Broadway to Commercial.  Students will learn  leaps, turns and combinations. 

Levels Offered:

Jazz I - V

*Also offered:  Jazz/Tap Combo 

Intro to Jazz/Lyrical



Acro is an acrobatics class with a foundation in dance.  Students will learn basic mat tumbling, strength training, flexibility and choreography.  

Levels Offered:

Acro I - III

*Also offered:  Intro to Acro


Musical Theatre

Learn to dance like you're on Broadway in our Musical Theatre class.  Dancers will be learning lots of choreography, as well as some singing and acting!  



This style of dance uses ballet and jazz technique to create beautiful movement that tells a story.  Dancers will learn leaps, turns, floor work and combinations that create this beautiful style.

Levels Offered:

Lyrical I - V

*Also offered:  Intro to Jazz/Lyrical