The Nutcracker~Reimagined

Our 2020 Christmas Recital Experience is in the works and we hope you're able to participate!  All MLSD students are able to take part in our digital version of The Nutcracker~Reimagined.  


Each class will participate and will film during their usual class time the week of November 16.  Filming will take place at Grace Community Church (701 Kitty Hawk, Universal City-just a few blocks from MLSD).  Filming here will allow us to record each group with full lighting, backdrop, etc.! 


Once filmed, we will premiere our movie for all our families and friends to see!  Date for premiere coming soon.


All class costumes are located inside your Parent Portal!  Click the Costume Icon to view your class costume. 

Can't Participate?

If you're unable to participate this year, please fill out this simple form.  Costumes will not be ordered.

Filming Schedule

View the filming schedule here!  All classes will meet on their usual class date. 


Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to filming in full costume/hair/makeup.  When the dancers arrive they will be treated like the movie stars they are and get a red carpet experience as they enter our filming set.  Individual photos & group photos will be taken at this time.  Filming will take the place of our normal classes during this week.  Once you’re done, you’re free to go.  If you have another dance to film on the same day, you’re welcome to bring your costumes and change at the church.  There are plenty of areas for this.  Parents, you’ll wait off set outside for your celebrity to film their dance.  If you have a young dancer in multiple dances on the same filming day, you will be able to assist them with changing into their next costume.  Have your cameras ready, paparazzi!  


Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 210-658-9291.  We are looking forward to a beautiful and unique show.

More details coming soon!

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