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Dance Goals: Top 3 Ideas For 2018

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

With the new year often comes new goals! Here's some inspiration & ideas for how to set goals in 2018 to help you become a better dancer.

Idea 1:

Flexibility Challenge

Set a goal to stretch for 5 minutes each day to increase your flexibility! Before you know it, stretching will be a habit just like brushing your teeth.

Idea 2:

Skill Mastery

Pick a skill you're working on in class and set a goal to practice that skill each day. For an added boost, try photographing or videoing your skill "before" and then take progress videos each week.

Idea 3:

Outside The Box

Stretch yourself in 2018 and add another style to your repertoire. If you usually take Ballet, consider adding a Jazz class to your schedule. Take Hip Hop? What about adding in Lyrical to add variety and style. It's totally cool to have a style you love best, but well rounded dancers are ultimately more successful. Also, it's fun to try something new!

How about you? What are your dance goals for 2018? Let us know what you're working on this year!

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