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How Dance Helps Students in School

Back to school is upon us and we are ready to begin our 2018-2019 Dance Season! Did you know that by enrolling your child in dance classes, you are also helping them in school? Here's just a few reasons how:

1. Dance Improves Test Scores!

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, students who regularly participate in dance lessons:

  • Earn higher GPAs overall (and especially in math) over their nonparticipating peers

  • Are more likely to complete calculus

  • Enjoy higher test scores on SATs and particularly in science and writing

  • Perform better in math and science competitions

  • Enroll in 4-year colleges, earn mostly As in college and complete bachelor degrees

Additional research from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies show that “Arts participation and SAT scores co-vary—that is, they tend to increase linearly: the more arts classes, the higher the scores.”

2. Dance Is a Healthy Physical Activity

We know from years of research that students who are physically active have improved health and are better students.

3. Dance Creates Friendships

In a world where we are unfortunately seeing an increase in bullying and lack of social skills, dance fosters friendships, as well as teaches inclusion, collaboration and respect.

At Mary Lou's School of Dance, we believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is the gift of dance. The lessons learned in dance class are lessons learned for life. We pray your students have the best year ever in school this year and are enriched further because of their dance classes.

Have you registered for classes yet? If you haven't, click here to view our class schedule.

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