5/15/2020 Update:


We know that our dancers have experienced so many cancellations this year.  We are thrilled to say that we will NOT be cancelling our end of year plans.  We will be filming each class with cameras / backdrops / lighting / the works!  We will then put it all together into a movie that we hope to premiere in a very special way!  The final details are in the works, but we are hoping to premiere our show via a Drive In type setting!  We are SO excited to share more details about how “the show must go on” and will be communicating the exact date of our premier + filming schedule asap.  We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to stick with us so we can carry out what we promised our students at the beginning of our season.  


Has your dancer had trouble practicing their dance at home?  DON’T WORRY!  We are excited to be back in the studio June 1 and all choreography will be reviewed/simplified/adjusted to make the dancers feel amazingly confident when they film their dance.  The great news about filming each dance is that instructors will be able to dance WITH their classes (not on camera of course-haha!) to give an added boost of confidence.  It is our goal for our dancers to feel like MOVIE STARS and to be given the red carpet treatment for their hard work.  


Note- you will NOT be charged for July tuition.  We will extend our season by 2 weeks, to conclude July 11 with our end of year premiere.  Our end of year recital viewing premiere date is still pending, so stay tuned! It’s our promise that we will do our best to communicate with you as quickly as possible and will give you our very best effort to make this end of year experience a special one for your dancers.  More info coming soon!

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